Who is Dr. Rita Maselli?

Dr Rita Maselli

Originally from Pietracatella, Italy, Dr Rita Maselli grew up and  was educated in Canada and then in the USA. Since 2003, she has been working as a business consultant  in Cairo, Egypt and in different parts of the Middle East.

Previous to working in the corporate sector, she spent a number of years in international education in Egypt and the Americas.  She has also lived and worked in Miami, Florida and in Haiti.  An international at heart, there are four places she fondly calls home: Italy, Canada, Haiti and Egypt.

Dr Rita is the senior associate and founder of RMA International  a boutique consultancy, based in Cairo, Egypt specialized in improving workplace productivity.  RMA now has partners in Canada, Australia and Sweden. She applies her vast experience in Performance Management, Strategic Management and competency-based Human Resources Management to creating measurable solutions designed to improve individual and organizational productivity.

In addition to being a business management keynote speaker and consultant, Dr Rita has a super creative-side to her which is evident in her passion for art, dance, music, and writing. She is a published writer and visual artist.  Her next Art Exhibition is scheduled for Sept. 19-30 in Cairo, Egypt.


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